Good Work Plumbing and Electrical is dedicated in providing you with the best available service.

Good Work Plumbing and Electrical serving in Downers Grove Illinois, and other west Chicago communities, is a qualified licensed and insured Plumbing & Electrical contractor with over 30 years experience. We are experts in quality bathroom and kitchen remodeling along with professional small plumbing and electrical repairs.

When you hire Good Work plumbing and electrical, you can be at ease that all your projects will be done right the first time and with an affordable Good Work price. The Good Work Plumbing Company is a Downers Grove chamber of commerce member since 2007 of Illinois USA.

Good Work is an Illinois 2 in 1 plumbing and electrical contractor. What is a 2 in 1 contractor? Many appliances and mechanical devices require both plumbing and electrical installations and service such as; garbage disposals, dishwashers, ice-makers, sump pumps, power vent, power water heaters, boilers, shower steamers, insta-hot water dispensers and bathroom kitchen remodeling. When you hire Good Work you save time and money because both your plumbing and electrical jobs can be completed at the same time, same day with no additional service call charges.

Good Work plumbing and electrical ALWAYS follows the local/state/national, plumbing and electrical codes.


Good Work prices are locally competitive. In these uncertain economic times, we understand that keeping a budget is more challenging than ever.

Good Work offers free estimates for larger jobs, with a price break down for each of your projects. For trouble shooting problems and smaller jobs, Good Work charges a fair hourly rate.

Good Work is a professional licensed contractor, NOT a handy man, and takes ownership and responsibility of every job so you're assured the job gets done right the first time. Good Work Plumbing & Electrical is always reliable, prompt and understands your busy schedule.

When you hire Patrick at Good Work, you will encounter not only an expertly trained plumbing and electrical technician, with years of experience working on all brands of fixtures and mechanical systems, but also a friendly, helpful contractor, nice guy who is neat, courteous and polite.

Good Work Plumbing & Electrical also has years of experience working on historical Oak Park Frank Lloyd Wright homes and historical homes in Elmhurst and Downers Grove.

This experience includes treating you and your property with respect. Our customers look to us as their preferred plumbing and electrical service provider. Total honesty, prepared and qualified.

We value your business and look forward in welcoming you as a new customer.

Questions about your projects or to schedule work to be done call owner Patrick at 630-487-1214

Plumbing contractor's license number 055-038780

Always hire a license plumbing contractor, why? The Illinois Plumbing License Law requires it.

To protect public health, the State of Illinois regulates plumbing and the plumbing trade. Improper plumbing can result in the introduction of pathogenic organisms into drinking water and the escape of toxic gases into the environment. These outcomes have the potential of leading to disease and adverse health effects. It is also important to regulate the number of plumbing facilities and fixtures adequate for the comfort and convenience of workers and persons in public places. Therefore, individuals who plan, inspect, install, alter, extend, repair and maintain plumbing systems must be licensed in the state of Illinois. The Illinois Department of Public Health licenses about 8,900 plumbers and 1,600 apprentice plumbers. Plumbers must pass a state licensing exam after working as a licensed apprentice for a 48 to 72 month period under a licensed plumber and are then required to maintain their skills with continuing education.

My Professional Services Include:

* Complete Plumbing and Electrical Service & Repairs

* Specializing in Copper Re-piping and Re-wiring

* Toilets and faucets * Lights fixtures, Switches, Dimmers, Outlets GFCI

* Sump and ejector pumps * Water heaters and boilers

* Storm battery back up systems

* flood control

* Complete sewer service and rodding

* Garbage Disposals

* Dishwasher * Ice makers

* Insta-hot water dispensers

* Leak Protection

* Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling rough-in and trim installation

* All electrical wiring

* New branch circuits

* Ceiling fans installed

* Recessed can lights, Halo, Juno

* Electrical troubleshooting

* Plumbing and electrical kitchen and bath remodeling

* Quick Response

* Clean And Professional

* Downers Grove Chamber of Commerce Member since 2007


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